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Counter-mapping is action. Rebuilding spatial negotiations are potential settings to reformulate spatial exclusions or urban phenomena under the term of a certain position or theme and bringing the 2 dimensional abstraction back into a body related sphere of action. The movement of the body and the dialog of the sensible reception of the material are challenging the representation of certain perspectives.

Frontpage. We have nothing to lose but our supply chains at Kunstraum Bethanien, photo credit Eric Tschernow / 1. Refugee Complex, 2015, video and installation / 2. Emanzipierter Schutzraum, 2014, installation, video / 3. 1. Refugee Complex, 2015, video and installation / 4. Anker, 2012, video and installation / 5. Refugee Complex, rereading at Mapping along, Kunsthaus Bethanien 2021 - metrozones

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