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Transdisciplinary encounters destabilizes the status quo of the researcher, artist, architect and actor. This destabilization enforces open dynamics to generate dialogues and discourses and reformulates methods and formats. This can be chaotic and a brake through towards a process of transformability of the hegemony of the “normal” in spatial practices and political conotations. The assembly of different actors and producer formulates a multivocality as a ground layer of the Counter Praxis Diana is teaching and applying to her work. 

Collaborateur /stadtvonunten, Metrozones, artists and performer (Hassan Khello, Kreshnik, Laura Kiehne), locals, experts, BI Lüchow, ASH Berlin, Stop Deportation Group, Muhammad and Jihaad, Urban Ethnography Lab, Pottfiction, Antje Lehn, and lots more...

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